Uganda Mountain Hiking Safaris to Mount Elgon - Uganda Safari News 9 tips on how to recover after a hiking trip-Uganda Safari news

9 tips on how to recover after a hiking trip-Uganda Safari news

9 tips on how to recover after a hiking trip-Uganda Safari news

When its about a trip to Mount Elgon National Park, the key activity is always hiking and related Uganda safari activities. Hiking isn’t an ordinary adventure and therefore needs preparation but then even after preparation you can’t just return home and relax on your couch just like how you went. Your body will definitely react from the hiking experience especially for first timers but then how do you calm down your body and get back to your normal shape? Here are 9 tips on how to recover after a hiking trip to Mount Elgon;


  1. Take a few walking steps after the hike

After your hiking trip, plan to cool down by continuing to move around at a very low intensity for 5 to 10 minutes after finishing your hiking safari in Uganda. This helps to remove lactic acid from your muscles and may reduce muscles stiffness. warming up and cooling down are more helpful in cooler temperatures.  


  1. Drink a lot more fluids

You lose a lot of fluid during your hike and ideally you should be replacing it during the walk. Filling up after exercise is an easy way to boost your recovery. Water supports every metabolic function and nutrient transfer in the body and having plenty of water will improve every bodily function.


  1. Have a proper meal

After this long walk, you will have depleted your energy stores, so you need to refuel to replace this energy, repair tissues, get stronger and be ready for the next challenge. Ideally, you should try to eat within 60 minutes of the end of your hike and make sure you include some high-quality protein and complex carbohydrate.  


  1. Stretch a little

After your hike, as you relax consider gentle stretching. This is a simple and fast way to help your muscles recover.  


  1. Perform Active Recovery

Easy, gentle movement improves circulation which helps promote nutrient and waste product transport throughout the body, this helps the muscles repair and refuel faster.

  1. Rest

Rest Time is one of the best ways to recover (or heal) from just about any illness or injury and this also works after a long, hard hike. Your body has an amazing capacity to take care of itself if you allow it some time. Resting and waiting after a hike allows the repair and recovery process to happen at a natural pace. Consider resting from your trip by relaxing at home.

  1. Go for a gentle Massage

Choose to take a gentle massage. Massage feels good and improves circulation while allowing you to fully relax.  

  1. Take an Ice Bath

Great for the summer, ice massage or contrast water therapy (alternating hot and cold showers) to recover faster, reduce muscle soreness and prevent injury. The theory behind this method is that by repeatedly constricting and dilating blood vessels helps remove (or flush out) waste products in the tissues.

  1. Get lots of Sleep

Ensure to have a lot of sleep and let your body rest, with the uncomfortable sleep during the hike, you need a good sleep. During sleep, your body produces Growth Hormone which is largely responsible for tissue growth and repair.  

First time hikers, these tips are so crucial and to let your body relax at least spend one day in one of the accommodations in Mount Elgon National Park. Don’t regret your hike ensure to be careful with the planning tips and help yourself with the recovery tips to ensure you get back into shape to either continue with a wildlife safari in Uganda or go for another excruciating gorilla trekking safari in Uganda to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.


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